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Today's Most Liked : "Vince_Macie B/W" by  vinsanity1997

What is Wearshare?

  • A.) Unique & Scannable

    Every bracelet pair are linked by this unique code. Scan the code with the Wearshare mobile app* and access the design Hub page. From the Hub page you can view the digital photographs, like and share the bracelet design and leave a comment for the designer.

    *the code can be scanned with all 2-dimensional barcode scanners

  • B.) Custom Design

    Design, order and share your own custom Wearshare bracelets using your Facebook and Instagram photographs. Drag & Drop up to 7 photographs and choose from an assortment of border options and colors.

  • C.) Water–resistant

    Every bracelet is coated for water-resistance and increased durability. Wearshare bracelets are printed on canvas and wear down over time, fraying from the outer edges and softening like a good pair of jeans. They can be worn continuously, in and out of baths, oceans and hot tubs for two to four months before the code is no longer scannable. Like a classic friendship bracelet they're meant to be worn until they fall off.

  • D.) Material Choices

    We source local and environmentally conscious materials whenever possible. Our allergen safe nickel-free brass eyelets and cotton/polyester blend canvas are manufactured in the United States. We source a variety of string but feature a 100% recycled yarn, itself sourced from used garments.

Every order comes with two bracelets of your design:
One to wear & one to share with someone you love.

  • Scan Your Bracelets
  • Access Your Hubs
  • Share With Your Friends.

Start Designing Your Own Now!